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Sump Filter

A sump filter is a very large, effective filter that people use in large aquariums. If you do not filter your aquarium water regularly, your water will become stale and full of pollutants. This process occurs naturally in large bodies of water, but in a small aquarium (or even a very large aquarium), there is a big risk of waste overpowering your fish.



Your fish need the water to survive, which is why it is so important to keep this water clean. The bigger the aquarium, the bigger the sump filter you need. And at the same time, the bigger the fish you have, the bigger the aquarium!

sump filter    sump filter

There are a lot of reasons why a bigger aquarium is better than a smaller one. For one, a bigger aquarium gives you the option to have a lot of different kinds of fish or animals. Some fish can live in larger proximities than other kinds, and types that would thrive in a large aquarium may not even survive in a small one.

A large aquarium is also prettier, especially if it is full of fish! If you enjoy watching your fish, then you will love a bigger aquarium better. Sump filtration is usually used for very large aquariums, such as those that house monster fish, messy eaters, or predatory fish. These huge aquariums require some very serious filtration, and sump filters can do the job.

sump filters      sump filters

If you do not have a huge fish aquarium, then a sump filter may be overkill; not that you can ever have enough filtration! It is just that aquarium sump filters take up a fairly substantial amount of space, and if you want to keep them going, you are going to have to have them set up all of the time. That means that your sump filter will be taking up permanent space as long as you have the fish tank set up. This is good, but as I said before, it is overkill if you do not have a very large aquarium.

An aquarium sump filter can use a variety of different methods to purify the water. Some of them use what are called bio balls. Others actually house plants inside of them to soak up extra nitrates. Almost all sump filters let the water out through the bottom, but extreme care should be taken to make sure that the piping is run correctly.



Also, you should fit your sump filter with a pipe so that it will drain water from the top and not from the bottom through the hole. This is so that if you lose pumping power, you will not have your whole tank draining, but only a few inches.

Acquarium sump filters are completely worth the money if you have a large fish tank or aquarium. Combine them a gravel vacuum and perhaps surface skimmers, and you'll help keep your fish happy. Fish need clean water, and you are the one who is responsible for making sure that your favorite fish are in an environment that is conducive to good health and well-being. Hey, you want clean air to breathe, right? Why would fish be any different?

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